We are your expert that you can trust

    Welcome to Aviation-Spare-Parts PTY LTD, Our goal is and always has been to provide a cost efficient professional service to our customers on a regular basis. We provide a range of aviation related services and are in the business of helping our customers reduce overheads and achieve the best possible outcomes for the various services we provide for them. You can rely on our industry Strength and knowledge to take care of your needs.

    “We are your expert that you can trust”

    • Spare parts sales from the smallest screw to a complete engine.
    • Support civil and military items.
    • MRO services.
    • Exchange programs.
    • Logistical support.

    Our staff are multi-lingual professionals who are experienced and passionate about the aviation industry. We strive to provide you with friendly professional customer service.

    Aviation-Spare-Parts adheres to our “code of practice” so feel assured that all correct Certificates, Documents, Reports, etc. will be delivered with all our services on time and within budget. Our team is dedicated to provide a fast turnaround on a regular basis to keep your aircraft up in the sky where they belong!